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If Nancy Pelosi Claps Like A Seal, Do A Shot During The SOTU

Putting to be the notion that not all liberals are dower and unfunny, the Huffington Post has a State Of The Union primer on who to drink during snoozefest, which includes Nancy Pelosi claps like a seal drink one shot Nancy Pelosi becomes a seal     STOP DRINKING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD There are some […]

Wensday Seams Like A Gud Day For Fale (21 Images)

Remember When The Science Was Settled?

Remember when we were told time and time again that the science surrounding man caused global warming was settled, that the time for debate was over, that the time for action was now? Well, as each week goes by, we learn more and more why climate alarmists did not want to debate or actually discuss […]

All The Rats Seem To Be Deserting The USS Obama

If we ever actually see a USS Barack Obama, it will probably not be an aircraft carrier, but, a destroyer. Starting off, you remember Christopher Buckley and his whining support of Obama pre-election? The Cluebat Of Reality has finally wacked him, as he writes the SOTU that Obama should be giving A year ago, I […]

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