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Brown Looking Good Over Coakley – Update: Coakley Concedes?

Watching the returns, with 66% of the vote in, Brown leads Coakley 53% to 46%. Keep you fingers crossed! Let the Dem cheating begin! Coakley tried to pull some shenanigans earlier, claiming there were ballots pre-marked for Brown. The Mass. Sec of State says “nice try, Coakley campaign, but, nope! Quick update: Carl Cameron from […]

Activists Depants Themselves For AGW

Today’s bare legs brought to you all the way from China Chinese climate campaigners are hoping that bare flesh and underwear can succeed where apocalyptic warnings and international pressure have failed: to promote a low-carbon lifestyle in the nation with the world’s biggest greenhouse emissions. A group of environmental exhibitionists – none of whom had […]

Sailing Is Beauty (20 Images)

TSA Candidate Thinks Terrorism Is Sort Of Important, And Our Fault

Good think Obama has nominated someone who thinks terrorism merits some slight importance Erroll Southers, President Obama’s nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), said the war on terror should be given “some parity” with other national priorities such as global warming, education, and the economy. In the online interview (from 2008), Southers was […]

403 Errors

Sorry about the 403 errors that keep popping up throughout the day. Something is going wacky with the server, and these errors seem to pop up, last about a minute, then go away. I’m having Dreamhost support look into it, get it resolved.

President Chump Lives In His Own Little Progressive World, As Highlighted By The Mass. Election

Two stories jump out at me this morning, showing just how divorced from reality Obama is, stories that show he cares little for what the American people want and think. Starting out, here is the text of an ad featuring President Chump for Marcia, er, Martha Coakley SCRIPT Mr. Obama says: “Martha knows the struggles […]

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