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Obama Tells Nobel Committee To Suck It, Ramps Up War Spending

Lots of slaps to the forehead at the Nobel Peace Price dinner table tonight! President Barack Obama will ask Congress for an additional $33 billion to fight unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on top of a record $708 billion for the Defense Department next year, The Associated Press has learned — a request that […]

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Globull Warming Now Causes Indigestion In Primates, May Kill Them All

It’s fanciful stories like this that harm your religion, climate alarmists, however, they give us climate realists much cause for a well deserved belly laugh Global warming-induced indigestion could threaten the existence of mountain gorillas and other leaf-eating primates, suggests a new study. Experts predicted that the annual temperatures are expected to rise by 2 […]

Why Taxing Health Care Plans Is A Bad Idea

And interesting report, found via the DU. Even Physicians For A National Health Program think taxing “Cadillac Plans” is a bad idea The health reform bill which passed the Senate in December would impose a 40 percent excise tax on health insurance plans with premiums above $23,000 a year for families and $8,500 for individuals. […]

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