Dude! Caught Ya Looking! (15 Images)

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8 Responses to “Dude! Caught Ya Looking! (15 Images)”

  1. Matthew says:

    John Kerry’s hilarious– and a loser

  2. He got a good eyeful, though, eh? 😀

  3. vegofish says:

    nice “set”…of photo’s

  4. captainfish says:

    Kerry… the leach. But, a man none-the-less

  5. TFMo says:

    Pfft. “Male”, certainly. But John Kerry is no MAN.

  6. captainfish says:

    hahahahaah. ok. point taken.

  7. I still love that last one. There’s like 6 guys staring at her, and check out the dude in the lower left who is looking. It just makes me think that Bubba had way too much to drink, and somehow ended up dressed in a sheet at an Arab conference.

  8. captainfish says:

    hahahaha. but I think you are mistaken. The Arabs would never be seen stooping to looking at a woman dressed like that. It would violate many of their oaths… or something.

    They look like the local affiliate of the Perverts-R-Us club. And the “bait” just walked by. Can you say, Uber-Fail!!

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