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Obama Plans To Double Down On Stupid

The Washington Post lays out what Barry plans to do The populist drumbeat emanating from the White House is a predictable reaction to the shellacking Democrats took in Massachusetts last week and the drop that began some months ago in President Obama’s poll numbers. It is at best a partial answer to what ails the […]

Run Away, Run Away! (22 Images)

Today’s “Ain’t Socialized Medicine Great!” Story

Aren’t you just dying for this to come to the USA from England? Hospitals will have to reduce services, sell off buildings and move into smaller premises to cope with financial pressures in the next few years, the head of the foundation trusts’ regulatory body has warned. William Moyes, who steps down from his role […]

NY Times Profiles Excitable Chucky, And, It Is Not Particularly Pretty

Like most, I rarely bother with this beyond moonbat unhinged tool, but, this story is too funny to ignore. He probably thought the story would be all nice about him, but, nope! The Times is about a day late 8 months late and a dollar short regarding the blog war that occured between Charles Johnson […]

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