Obama Plans To Double Down On Stupid

The Washington Post lays out what Barry plans to do

The populist drumbeat emanating from the White House is a predictable reaction to the shellacking Democrats took in Massachusetts last week and the drop that began some months ago in President Obama’s poll numbers. It is at best a partial answer to what ails the president and Democrats in Congress.

The president’s rhetoric over the past week suggests he has decided to try to fight anger with anger. If Americans are fed up with bank bailouts and bonuses going to their top executives, Obama wants people to believe that he resents them just as much.

Obama also has taken fresh aim at insurance and drug companies and other special interests as he tries to revive his health care proposal, which, as a result of Republican Scott Brown’s victory in the special Senate election in Massachusetts, will require major surgery if it is to survive.

Yeah, because that is what everyone is angry at. Of course, when you take a populist like Obama, a hard core Alinsky progressive, and give him power, he will use it to demonize easy marks (though the WP likes to point out that Obama was never really a populist. Which is kinda correct, since he is basically a lazy BS artist)

Obama, however, is trying to quell anger that points in two directions at once. Certainly, the public is aroused by the fact that Washington has showered money on big banks and auto makers, while workers are still losing their jobs. But there is plenty of dissatisfaction with Washington, for new spending and rising deficits and a health care plan that puts government more directly into the nation’s health care system. Neutralizing that sentiment may be more difficult.

Actually, that is anger going in one way, if you think about it. That said, Obama getting angry at people because they are angry at what, and let’s be precise here, what the Democrat led government is doing, is perhaps predictable with a guy who has never had to be a leader in anything. The wise decision by those who have had leadership positions, and are suitable to the job would be to STFU and listen to what the people are saying, because getting angry with the American People is not the brightest of things to do, as a different WP article points out

Voter discontent with the direction of the government, economy and the health care overhaul helped send Republican Scott Brown to his Senate victory in Massachusetts, a poll says.

About 63 percent of Massachusetts voters in Tuesday’s election said the country is seriously off track, and Brown won two-thirds of those voters, according to the poll by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University’s School of Public Health.

The study found that health care and the economy were the most important issues to those in Massachusetts, which, combined with the rest, shows that what Obama and the Dems are doing is being done the wrong way. Do you think Obama will listen? I’d have to say no. His first inclination is to attack, second is to blame. Third is to whine. Listening? Not part of the repertoire. I’d suggest a few books for him, among them FISH, The 5 Minute Manager, and Yes/No.

Nothing like being stuck on stupid!

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