Today’s “Ain’t Socialized Medicine Great!” Story

Aren’t you just dying for this to come to the USA from England?

Hospitals will have to reduce services, sell off buildings and move into smaller premises to cope with financial pressures in the next few years, the head of the foundation trusts’ regulatory body has warned.

William Moyes, who steps down from his role as executive chairman of Monitor after six years next week, told The Times that too many hospitals were not grasping the economic challenges ahead.

While political parties have promised to protect NHS funding and avoid service cuts, Mr Moyes said it was inevitable that some hospitals would have to reduce services and sell off assets to keep afloat.

In California, many hospitals have to close because there are too many illegal aliens using them and bankrupting them. In England, they may have to shut down, or at least cut services, because government is incompetent and using a socialized system.

“There may be surplus assets — buildings, land, equipment, stuff they think they might need in years to come under their development plans — and in some cases working in a much smaller physical space and disposing of all the hospital penumbra that can be brought into the main building.”

“There is essentially a trade-off between pay and numbers of jobs,” he told the committee. “In a cash-limited system, that is the big unknown for us. We need to talk through with the trade unions and staff associations about what that trade-off is.”

Sir David has previously warned that the NHS would have to find productivity and efficiency savings of between £15 billion and £20 billion over the three years 2011-12 to 2013-14.

When the government only has so much money that is stealing from the people who are productive, there is only so much to go around to pay for, well, everything. Funny how with the way our system is now, no one is talking about reducing services and facilities. Except with Medicare and Medicaid.

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