Brown Looking Good Over Coakley – Update: Coakley Concedes?

Watching the returns, with 66% of the vote in, Brown leads Coakley 53% to 46%. Keep you fingers crossed!

Let the Dem cheating begin! Coakley tried to pull some shenanigans earlier, claiming there were ballots pre-marked for Brown. The Mass. Sec of State says “nice try, Coakley campaign, but, nope!

Quick update: Carl Cameron from Fox News is reporting that Coakley called Brown to concede! Wow!!!!!!!!!! (how long till she un-concedes and wants recounts and claims fraud and stuff? Am I being uncharitable?)

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3 Responses to “Brown Looking Good Over Coakley – Update: Coakley Concedes?”

  1. TFMo says:

    Not uncharitable. Just realistic. Expect un-concedes, re-concedes, post-concedes, voter fraud, intimidation, and more dirty tricks than a Times Square prostitute.

    Stupid 403 errors….

  2. Let’s hope we’re wrong.

    If Dreamhost can’t fix some backend software that is causing the 403’s, which seem to happen periodically for about 1 minute, they are moving me to a new server tomorrow. They just moved me to a new one last week.

  3. TFMo says:

    Nice variation on the Charlie Brown classic!

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