McDonnell And Christie Say All The Right Things During Their Inaugurations

There was another big to do going on Tuesday, overshadowed by the special election in Massachusetts. The only thing I am going to say about that election is that Coakley lost because for three reasons. First, she ran a terrible campaign. She simply assumed that she would win the seat, and when push came to shove, she was damagingly gaffe prone, and not particularly warm on the campaign trail (she is described by people left and right as being very personable off the trail.) Second, Scott Brown ran a very good campaign. He connected with the voters, he fired people up, including Independents and some Democrats. He was very populist, and reached into the emotions of the voters, who are upset, angry and distressed by what is going on in Washington. Third, what Democrats are doing in Washington. We all know what is going on, and, it warms my heart that so many average Joe’s and Josephine’s are paying attention, when they usually flip to Entertainment tonight.

If any of those three dynamics was changed, Scott Brown would not win, not in Massachusetts. And we saw this same thing in Virginia and New Jersey, and RobMcDonnell and Chris Christie won for the same reasons. Let’s start with some select excerpts from Christie’s inauguration speech (you can read in what you want, I have a cut on the end of my right middle finger, hurts like all heck to type, s0, discussion will be limited)

Lieutenant Governor Guadagno, Senate President Sweeney, Speaker Oliver, members of the 214th legislature, Chief Justice Rabner and the members of the supreme court, to all the former Governors, to my former U.S. Attorney colleagues, to my dear family and friends, and most of all to the hard working men and women of New Jersey, I stand here today as your Governor. I understand the task before me and I am well aware of your expectations for me and this government. You voted loudly and clearly for change and you have entrusted us with what may be our last, best hope for a stronger New Jersey—the New Jersey of our youth, full of hope and opportunity. New Jersey, you voted for change and today change has arrived.

To governor Corzine, I thank you for your decade of service to the nation and to the people of New Jersey. Your focus on the health of our children is something for which many New Jerseyans will long be grateful. I thank you sir, for your service. (what, he isn’t playing the blame game? What’s up with that?)

The era of partisanship and acrimony has not served the people well. Problems have festered while too much of the time of our leaders has been spent assigning blame instead of assuming responsibility. Today, we are taking a new direction. Today, a new era of accountability and transparency is here. Today, I will sign executive orders that will make our finances, our budgeting, and our processes more transparent for all citizens to see. Today, change has arrived. (so, he is actually walking the talk. Hint, hint, Obama)

So today, right now, I ask Senator Sweeney and Speaker Oliver to come and stand with me and join in a handshake of resolve and friendship. In a handshake of commitment to stand for our principles—but to never abandon our duty to serve the people. We’ve shaken hands as a symbol for our citizens of all that is possible in a future that demands that who gets the credit finally takes a back seat to doing something worth getting credit for. Senator Sweeney and Speaker Oliver— that is my commitment to both of you. (Sweeney and Oliver are Democrats)

Together, we can cut red tape and make it easier for the entrepreneur to create new jobs and the business owner to keep them. With Lt. Governor Guadagno in the lead, we must revisit the complex web of rules woven by various special interests over many years. But that is a long overdue visit if we are once again going to be the home for growth.

Together, we can help our national government be a friend and not a barrier to growth. The era of expensive and sometimes thoughtless mandates from Washington must end. After all, the States are supposed to be “laboratories of democracy”, not guinea pigs for failed federal experiments.

Over to a Washington Post article on McDonnell

Robert Francis McDonnell was sworn in as Virginia’s 71st governor on Saturday and immediately laid out his vision of a new Republicanism. He affirmed that government has a role in creating opportunity, but a limited one; pledged to drill offshore for oil, but in an environmentally friendly way; and urged all Virginians to contribute their cultures and traditions to the state’s increasing diversity.

McDonnell said that creating jobs was the “obligation of our time” and that he would ease regulations and lower taxes on businesses. He promised to put more money into classrooms, try to add 100,000 college degrees during the next 15 years, improve the state’s transportation network and use what he described as Virginia’s God-given wealth of resources to make it the “Energy Capital of the East Coast.”

Two big themes both men pushed were enabling business by lowering taxes and getting government out of the way, and putting the teeth back into the 10th Amendment and the primacy of the People over government.

All three men have big promises to fulfill. They made promises to listen to the people, and put the people, not the government, first. Now it is time to deliver. And people will be watching. The microscope will be on Brown, who is, after all, a Massachusetts Republican, so, do not expect Ronald Reagan. But, don’t expect an Olympia Snow. Time will tell.

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