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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Yup, Pretty Good!

Saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine this afternoon, and it is well worth seeing in the theaters. Does a great job of mixing action and dialogue, building up the story of how Wolverine came to be, and how he lost his memory. Of course, it isn’t quite perfect, in keeping with the original comics, but, hell of […]

FMH’s Top 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2009

And #1 is…….Cheryl Cole, of Girls Aloud Girls Aloud music annoys me (several songs play on our Muzak system,) but, definite hottie! Top 10 Cheryl Cole Megan Fox Jessica Alba Britney Spears Keeley Hazell Adriana Lima Elisha Cuthbert Kristin Kreuk Anna Friel Freida Pinto Not sure about Britney in there, but, all hotties. More Cheryl […]

Serious Congress Debates Equally Serious Subject

Apparently, now that Congress has fixed the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, illegal immigration, health care, Chrysler, and so many major issues, then now have time for really serious debate, in true bipartisan idiot fashion Texas Rep. Joe Barton likened college football’s Bowl Championship Series to “communism” Friday, even as he made the case that the […]

Aside: 20 Worst Countries To Be A Blogger

Atlas Shrugs: 10 Worst Countries To Be A Blogger

Aside: Jihad Watch

Jihad Watch: Obama turns down offer of Al-Qaeda members, including some on FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list

Aside: Little Green Drama Queen

The Religion of Peace: April 2009 Dhimwit

Pirate Fail

Think I should do this to my Liberty? see more pwn and owned pictures

Good News! ABC Outs CIA Contractors!

Remember the time that ABC and the rest of the liberal media, not too mention the Left-O-Sphere, where in a high dudgeon over Valerie Plame’s outing? They wanted investigations, impeachments, and jailings. They said she, and the United States, were made less safe. Her husband said the same thing after outing her on his Who’s […]

Obama Blames Chrysler Bankruptcy On Investors

Is there anyone Obama won’t blame? Is there any segment of the private population that he won’t assault? Well, we know he won’t blame himself. In this case, even the NY Times business section is call B.S.: The Lenders Obama Decided to Blame Peter A. Weinberg and Joseph R. Perella are part of a band […]

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