Daily Archives: May 15, 2009

Even The White House Can’t Avoid Illegals

Perhaps they thought they would be safe in the era of HopeNchange? Two people facing deportation from the United States have been taken into custody at the White House gate. They had arrived for a tour of the executive mansion. The pair was part of an adult education program, and a routine background check showed […]

AGW Today: It’s The Greatest Health Threat Of The 21st Century

The scare-mongering continues Global warming is the biggest public health threat of the 21st century, eclipsing infectious diseases, water shortages and poverty, a team of medical and climate-change researchers concluded. Once they realized they would get some great grants for doing more studies! The phenomenon will be felt first in the developing world, further burdening […]

Aside: 600 Jobs Lost Because Of Stimulus

Ace Of Spades: The “new math” on jobs “saved” or created

Let’s Grade Congress!

Have y’all heard about the site Grade Gov? Because it is your turn to be heard TV, radio, Internet, and newspapers are filled with politicians talking at you. It’s time that they started listening to you. At GradeGov.com, you can send a grade to individual Members of Congress — an A, B, C, D, or […]

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