Daily Archives: May 4, 2009

Is There Anyone Obama’s DHS Doesn’t Consider An Extremist?

A couple days late on this story which names even more groups as extremists. For a change, Raw Story is incensed It’s not just right-wing “radical” groups on the Department of Homeland Security’s black list anymore. Another embarrassing Homeland Security memo (pdf here) detailing those the agency believes are extremists has leaked. The first was […]

Lobbyists Writing The Climate Change Bill?

Would you be surprised if the most ethical Congress ever to basically allow lobbyists to write the new climate change bill, otherwise known as the “Soaking The American People For A Fake Issue” bill? Would it surprise you that the party who railed at the influence of lobbyists would allow this? I wouldn’t. Lobbyists help […]

Pelosi Looks To Protect Lawmakers From Investigations

The most ethical Congress ever. Draining the swamp. Doing away with the culture of corruption. Insert whatever Pelosi talking point you want, Nancy appears to want to insulate federal lawmakers from being investigated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is working to buffer lawmakers from federal investigators. This is a bad idea. Special legal protections for politicians […]

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