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Obligatory Queen Nancy Calls CIA Liars Post

If the Democrats thought the Central Intelligence Agency was out to get them over the past few weeks, they ain’t seen nuttin’ yet after this little bit of insanity House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today accused intelligence officials of giving her “inaccurate and incomplete information” on the use of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics by […]

Aside: Pelosi, the CIA, and the Dems’ dangerous blame game

Michelle Malkin: Pelosi, the CIA, and the Dems’ dangerous blame game

When Will Carrie Prejean Pose For Playboy?

Apparently, this has become a running dialogue by Elizabeth Sneed at the L.A. Times When will Carrie Prejean pose for Playboy, and will there be wind machines? Carrie Prejean tells Sean Hannity she won’t pose for Playboy. Yeah, right. Granted, it is the L.A. Times, but, I’d expect to see this kind of stuff more […]

Aside: Dan Collins On David Shuster

protein wisdom: David Shuster Tries to Steal Perez Hilton’s Crown [Dan Collins]

Aside: nothing like a high-class stripper scorned

Jules Crittenden: A Playmate’s Moral Stand

Aside: Confederate Yankee On Empty Head

Confederate Yankee: Empty Head Resigns as Empty Suit; Blogger Decides Gay Nazis Are Worse than Illinois Nazis

Aside: RS McCain On Miss December 2001

The Other McCain: Miss December 2001 decides she can longer associate with Miss USA pageant

Democrats To Develop Plan To Sell Socialized And Crappy Health Care

The odds are running 100-1 that their plan revolves around fear tactics and the use of words such as racist, bigot, and other personal attacks. Don’t forget, if you are against socializing the health care system, you are an extreme right wing extremist for being against expanding the power of the federal government Alarmed at […]

Most Senators Find “Torture” Hearings…..Too Boring To Attend

It was a really nice day in D.C., sunny, not too hot, the trees were blooming, and most Senators probably decided to get their daily vitamin D fix rather then attend a hearing about a subject that most Americans say should just be MovedOn from. Few Senators Show Up for ‘Circus’ Hearing on Alleged U.S. […]

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