When Will Carrie Prejean Pose For Playboy?

Apparently, this has become a running dialogue by Elizabeth Sneed at the L.A. Times

When will Carrie Prejean pose for Playboy, and will there be wind machines?

Carrie Prejean tells Sean Hannity she won’t pose for Playboy. Yeah, right.

Granted, it is the L.A. Times, but, I’d expect to see this kind of stuff more in the independent blogs and sites, not ones run at a true MSM level….oh, wait, I forgot about the Insanity Of Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic.

It’s simply amazing (and hypocritical) how snarky the grasshoppers have become over Carrie’s pictures, simply because they didn’t like her gay marriage answer.

On another note, Chris Moody makes a good point

While her battle has been tough, and she was unjustifiably smeared by what I guess we’re loosely referring to as “the left,” Carrie Prejean’s statement today about free speech was completely wrong.

“This should not happen in America. It undermines the constitutional rights for which my grandfather fought for,” she said in an emotional statement, referring to her grandfather’s involvement in World War II.

Sorry, Carrie, no constitutional rights were undermined here. To be sure, the government was not involved in any way. You were not censored by a state or by the strong arm of any coercive power. You were ridiculed and attacked by a free people who, yes, were brutal to your character, your religion and your family. But again, no rights were violated.

I haven’t seen anyone in the extreme right wing extremist 😀 ‘sphere saying that the grasshoppers on the left shouldn’t be saying what they have been saying. The lefties are entitled to say what they want (within certainly legalities), and can criticize her if they want. Of course, it is interesting how the moment a lefty says something disgusting, and the right criticizes them, the Left screams that the person’s free speech rights are being infringed.

In related news, Gateway Pundit covers the sickness of the left in their attempts to destroy Carrie and anyone associated with her, like her family.

The Other McCain: We’ve got Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean and Ann Coulter. They’ve got Perez Hilton, Keith Olbermann and Barney Frank. Game. Set. Match.

Ann Coulter discusses the liberal Taliban as it relates to the Prejean Affair.

Still waiting for The Dirty to release the photos about which they wrote “does sexually explicit mean anything?” They were supposed to “let the hammer drop” on Wednesday. But, how about a bikini shot?

PS: Could anyone imagine that this issue could grow so big? Sure, it is great for traffic whoring, but, seriously. I guess it shows how insane the left is when their pet projects, such as gay marriage, are talked about negatively. It’s like the Spanish Inquisition without the implements of physical torture. Repent!

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach 25% of our healthcare costs go for administration and profits. The American Medical Association supports Obama’s plan Teach those are the DOCTORS. Who is most against it ??? The insurers and drug companies.

  2. Not any doctors I know.

    We’ll see what happens when doctors and nurses are working 40 hour weeks, and their pay is cut.

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