Daily Archives: May 20, 2009

Socialized Medicine: What’s The Cost In Saving A Life?

Apparently, it is too much $$$, as we seen in this preview of how the whole socialized medicine/treatment/insurance system can look, rather then just this bit prior to it coming full bore (h/t Van Helsing) Last week the Medicare trustees reported that the program has an “unfunded liability” of nearly $38 trillion — which is […]

Obama Chills While North Korea Prepares For Another Nuclear Test

John Bolton lets loose in an opinion article over at the Wall Street Journal: Get Ready for Another North Korean Nuke Test The curtain is about to rise again on the long-running nuclear tragicomedy, “North Korea Outwits the United States.” Despite Kim Jong Il’s explicit threats of another nuclear test, U.S. Special Envoy Stephen Bosworth […]

Russ Feingold Lives Way In The Past In Blocking Ronald Reagan Bill

For a Party that always tells us they are looking towards the future, the Democrats sure like to live in the past, and not just in rumination about past victories and those EVIL Booooooosh years, as the Nutroots term them. Their climate change legislation attempts to take us back to life in the late 1800’s. […]

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