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GOP Listening Tour Now A Teaching Tour

So, last week, the GOP launched their national listening as Democrats Lite tour. Rush Limbaugh blasted them for who they are going to end up listening to LIMBAUGH: That is exactly what I’m saying! Scarborough and these guys are trying to twist this. And even Pence says, “Well, we’re going to listen.” Who are they […]

Excitable Andy Brings The Delusional Humor

Insanity on display Take yours truly. I’m not a Democrat and if pushed, I’d have to say right now I’m a libertarian independent. I’m uneasy about Obama’s long-term debt, to say the least, but I’m intelligent enough to know it’s not Obama’s as such, but mainly Bush’s, and I’m also cognizant that the time to […]

Internal Report Suggests No Torture Prosecutions

This NY Times article has driven folks in the Left-o-sphere into apoplexy, er,  a higher level of apoplexy then usual. They want prosecutions now, because they just can’t MoveOn. Torture Memos: Inquiry Suggests No Prosecutions An internal Justice Department inquiry has concluded that Bush administration lawyers committed serious lapses of judgment in writing secret memorandums […]

Chrysler Won’t Be Repaying Their Bailout Money

Let’s see. We have banks that want to repay their bailout loans, and Los Federales, starting with Little Timmay Geithner and Dear Leader, either won’t let them, or are making it extraordinarily difficult. And then there is Chrysler Chrysler LLC will not repay U.S. taxpayers more than $7 billion in bailout money it received earlier […]

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