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Carrie Prejean In Nude Pictures Scandal (?)

So, after assailing Ms. California Carrie Prejean simply for taking a stance on gay marriage that the left didn’t like, going after her breast implants, going after her, now they are making a huge deal out of slightly naughty pictures? Seriously? What happened to the tolerance of the left? What happened to their “if it […]

Aside: Scare Force One

Hot Air – Video: Scare Force 1 Pics To Remain Classified

Aside: Release The Pictures

And Rightly So!: Release The Pictures

Aside: Obama’s Birth Certificate

Intellectual Conservative: The Obama Birth Certificate

White House Stepping Up To Push Ethanol

There’s absolutely no wonder in this, considering how Obama was in the pocket of Big Ethanol during the campaign that he promised not to undertake till he finished his first term as a Senator The Obama administration on Tuesday will step up efforts to increase the availability of ethanol at filling stations and to speed up […]

Obama “Let’s Close Gitmo.” Dem Leaders “How ‘Bout A Plan, Sparky?”

What is wrong with Congress? Don’t they know that hopeNchange is here? Don’t they know that Guantanamo Bay Detention of Dangerous, Murderous, America Hating Islamists Center needs to be closed so that the dangerous, murderous, slit your throat after a nice dinner of orange chicken and rice pilaf Islamists can be sent, somewhere, not sure […]

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