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Guess How Dear Leader May Pay For His Health Care Plans?

If you guessed by taxing those who already have it, so he can provide it to illegals, those who do not want it, and the typical liberal grasshoppers, you’d have guessed correctly Most people with job-based health insurance don’t think of their benefits as a form of income. But Uncle Sam might just change that. […]

Aside: Health Care Reform

QandO: Someone Has To Pay For Health Care “Reform”

Aside: Made In China? No Thanks

And Rightly So! Made In China? No Thanks!

Aside: First They Came For Cheerios

Michelle Malkin: First, They Came For Cheerios

If Obama’s Lost Dennis Kucinich…..

Things are not all fairy dust and unicorn “wind” up on Capitol Hill. Kucinich slams Obama: Healthcare savings ‘unconscionable rip-off’ The Obama administration’s plan announced yesterday to save trillions in healthcare costs is an “unconscionable rip-off of the American people,” Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) argued Tuesday. Kucinich slammed the administration’s deal, brokered with insurers, labor, […]

What Do You Think A Stimulus Is? It’s Spending, That’s The Whole Point! Seriously

Remember when Obama said that in front of his little grasshoppers, er, House Democrats, during a speechin Williamsburg in early February? Remember when Obama and the Democrats were telling us that the Generational Theft Act had to be passed RIGHT NOW otherwise Bad Things would happen, that the economy would never recover, so no one […]

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