Will Iran Be Obama’s Test?

In the comments, Dave points out that the crisis that Joe Biden was referring to will probably be Iran and an attack on Israel, and the “unpopular response” will be Barry ignoring the situation and doing nothing, except, perhaps, some strong words and a complaint to the the United Nations, which has been oh so sympathetic to Israel over the past 30 years, eh? He could well be right

Top officials in Iran are proposing a preemptive strike against Israel to avoid an assault on its nuclear reactors, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported Wednesday.

Senior Tehran official Dr. Seyed G. Safavi said at a recent briefing in London that the proposal followed threats by Israeli authorities, but a possible preemptive strike against Israel has not yet been incorporated into Iranian policy.

Israeli Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said in June that Israel would be forced to strike Iran’s nuclear reactor if Tehran continues to pursue its controversial uranium enrichment program, Haaretz reported.

The question is, are these “just words?” So often within the Western World, we tend to think of these types of ultimatums and threats as school yard taunts, to be ignored, right up to the point that an actual physical attack occurs, then the media and Congress tries to fix blame after the fact, usually after saying, “they are just words, so don’t worry ’bout it.”

It’s like the whole August 6th PDB “Bin Laden determined to strike the US” issue. If Bush had tried to institute measures to search people at the airports, because the time was non-specific, he would have been skewered, and we would have been told the threats were mostly empty. What happened afterwards were typical blame games. When Arabs and Muslims and others in the Middle East make these types of threats, they should be take seriously.

And when you are dealing with paranoid nutjobs, you should be even more worried

Are America and Israel using specially-trained pigeons to spy on Iran?

That’s the question being raised by new reports out of Iran that its security services have arrested two suspected “spy pigeons” near its well-guarded Nantaz nuclear site.

One of the pigeons, security officials said, had a black-coated metal ring and invisible strings.


Clearly a spy pigeon.

This isn’t the first time, either. And they arrested spy squirrels last year. Paranoia and nuclear weapons are not the greatest of mixtures.

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2 Responses to “Will Iran Be Obama’s Test?”

  1. manbearpig says:

    A local radio commentator mentioned something about this about 6 months ago. He said that if Obama weer elected, watch for either an Israeli strike on Iran, or an Iranian strike on Israel. Here was the thinking….

    Since Israel is an ally, we would be more or less forced to come to their aid in the event of a Middle Eastern war. However, with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, the thought was the US can’t afford another “front”. So we wouldn’t be able to help Israel, which would be the perfect time to strike them. Or Israel, knowing that Obama will not be the ally that they have had in the past (i.e. weak-kneed) would rather launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons, which would most likely be used against Israel. Obama, and the US, wouldn’t be able to ‘denounce’ the attack and still maintain any sort of international credibility, so we would just have to sit back and watch. but in either way, we (the US) sit back and do nothing, looking like a bunch of dopes.

    I am actually surprised that it took so long for this scenario to be suggested.

  2. Yup, and, unfortunately, the media will ignore it. Israel has to take steps to protect itself, and they know that, if Barry is elected, they are on their own.

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