Court Reversal In Ohio ACORN Case, Barry Calls Distraction

Of course, we have all heard the Obamazombies talking points: bad voter registrations are not voter fraud, because they haven’t voted yet. It’s not disenfranchisement, because no one is being stopped from voting. So, they see nothing wrong with all the fraud going on through ACORN. Perhaps we should just call it election fraud, to satisfy the Left’s sense of proper naming

A federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered Ohio’s top elections official to set up a system by the end of the week to verify new voters’ eligibility and make it available to Ohio’s 88 county election boards.

The full 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati upheld a lower court’s ruling that Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner must use other government records to check the thousands of new voters for registration fraud.

A three-judge panel of the 6th Circuit had disagreed last week, but the full court’s ruling trumped the panel’s decision.

Finally, some sanity. Of course, you know the Left will not like this very much, despite their constant calls for election reform since they lost in 2000.

Allahpundit has it covered, and has some video showing how the ACORN narrative has finally broken through to the regular MSM.

Related, Barry brings up the “D” word

“But this isn’t a situation where there’s actually people who are going to try to vote ’cause these are phony names,” Obama said. “And, it’s doubtful (Dallas Cowboys quarterback) Tony Romo (whose name has been fraudulently submitted) is gonna show up in Ohio to vote. So this is another one of these distractions that gets stirred up in the course of a campaign.

Uh huh. And, if this was a non-partisan group that happened to be registering primarily Republicans, would you be so blase’ about it, Barry? As Powerline points out, Barack is completely indifferent to the election fraud. And, sure, someone who registers as Mickey Mouse is not going to show up. But, the very fact that ACORN dupes are going there shows the lengths they will go to perpetrate other election fraud, such as registering people who aren’t legally eligible to vote, registering dead people, registering people in multiple states and voting precincts, and then the people do go and vote.

Joe Biden goes down the wacky distraction avenue, as well.

I guess it is all a distraction when out of state Obama activists are registered in Ohio in violation of the law, ie, they do not reside in Ohio. Who wants to bet that they have absentee ballots in for their home states, too?

Oh, and how about some humor from U.S. News And World Report‘s Bonnie Erbe? (via Newsbusters)

Hate to say it, but when one thinks of voter fraud, one usually associates it with the GOP, the 2000 election, and the debate over who won Florida. You remember, voting machines that didn’t work, long lines to vote in predominantly Democratic districts, and recounts that weren’t accurate.

So, she admits what is going on with ACORN is fraud, then goes Moonbat. Newsflash, Bonnie, people having to wait in line is not voter fraud, particularly when this occurs in predominately Democrat districts that are run by Democrats. Remember, that is what happened in Ohio, and 27 of the 28 Florida precincts that had issues in 2000 where run by Dems. The other was run by an Independent. Hey, if Dems can’t get their voting machines to work, do not blame Republicans. However, you can ask us to help you make the system operate correctly.

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4 Responses to “Court Reversal In Ohio ACORN Case, Barry Calls Distraction”

  1. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    I can only hope that this distraction eventually bites thye lowlife commie scumbag in the ass.
    Old sailors have salty language, OK?

  2. We can only hope.

    And salty language is A-OK here, GM.

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