VP Cheney At Hospital With Abnormal Hearth Rhythm

First off, I wish the VP well. Let’s hope it is nothing major. They are talking about him having an out-patient precedure. More at the Washington Post.

You know what is coming next, right? Yes, a dive into the fever swamps to see what those compassionate people on the Left say. Not going to bother with the Huffington Post, since they always close their comments when anything like this happens nowadays. But, I have 3 threads from the Democratic Underground


  • I hope he moves on to a lower plain of existence
  • I don’t wish him well. I wish him the opposite. Really, and sorry for the negativity. Evil bastard.
  • It’s not life-threatening in itself. But it is mightily unpleasant. Couldn’t happen to a bigger fuckwad.
  • You can just say that you hope he never has another one. Then leave it at that (there is a smiling devil face at the end of the comment)
  • And, I thought I had lost my faith in prayer.



    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • A blackened, shriveled one, that is…
  • Is it wrong to hope that he doesn’t make it?
  • Good. I hope it is VERY PAINFUL. n/t
  • My prayers are with the Cheney family…may they suffer endlessly.


  • I’ve started praying
  • May he suffer painfully and endlessly.

Such pleasant people.

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One Response to “VP Cheney At Hospital With Abnormal Hearth Rhythm”

  1. I’ve been ripping on the Dickster for years. My conservative folks are big fans of the imperial VP, but they used to blow up frogs as kids and later rooted for Darth Vader. I found that the conservative papers brushed the concerns about the Dark Lord’s health aside, and the liberal-minded ones went into great detail about his battle to overcome the gaping hole in his chest. Before today he’s been under the radar – no surprise there, I guess. Check out my piece on Cheney and how it was reported – I also have a lot of original Cheney cartoons on my site.

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