Anti-Barry Author Jerome Corsi Arrested In Kenya

Had the person been an anti-Bush, McCain, or conservative author, do you think the headline would have been similar to Anti-Barack Obama author detained while promoting his book in Kenya?

Jerome Corsi, the author of a controversial book attacking Barack Obama, has been detained in Kenya and is expected to be deported, The Times’ Nairobi bureau chief, Edmund Sanders, reports.

Controversial. Snort. But any of the dozens and dozens of books and movies constantly coming out that smear the president and the troops are typically called “relevant political discourse.”

Corsi is the author of “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality,” a best-selling book whose assertions — that Obama was raised a Muslim and is secretly seething with “black rage” — have been widely dismissed as false and based on little more than the author’s desire to derail the Democrat’s presidential candidacy.

The Muslim thing I do not believe until someone provides pure proof. Obama is innocent till proven guilty. Not sure about “black rage,” but, he certainly hung around with quite a few people who hated whites and Jews.

Corsi arrived in Kenya Thursday to promote the book and to investigate Obama’s ties to Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, according to a news release sent to the media by Corsi’s publisher last week. In a chapter of Corsi’s book titled “Kenya, Odinga, Communism, and Islam,” the author claims Obama gave Odinga $1 million for his 2007 presidential campaign — a claim both Obama and Odinga deny.

Serendipidously, Warner Todd Huston is discussing Odinga today at Stop The ACLU (where this is about to be cross-posted). Check it out.

Corsi was detained on Tuesday by Kenyan immigration officials for failing to obtain the proper visa needed to work in the country. He told the Associated Press that he expects to be deported soon.

If he did it wrong, sure, he should be busted and deported. I bet, without even needing to look, that many on the Left are thrilled that this happened to Corsi, and hope he gets deported. If only they would take the same attitude towards illegal aliens in this country.

National Review takes on the Associated press version of the story, calling out the bias

Corsi’s book claims the Illinois senator is a dangerous, radical candidate for president and includes innuendoes and false rumors — that he was raised a Muslim and attended a radical black church. (WT-this is from the AP version)

Okay, Associated Press: Let’s hear the evidence that Obama did not spend 20 years in the pews of the Rev. Wright’s church, which preached a doctrine that is 1. center on black identity issues and 2. radical, ergo “radical black church.”

Funny how the LA Times story I used and the AP one are so close, despite being two different writers, eh?

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