Rep. Brad Sherman: Martial Law If Bailout Bill Not Passed

Exaggeration? Or the reality of the pressure brought to bear by the House leadership, as well as potentially the Senate leadership and the White House? You decide

And Sherman is a Democrat. Bet Nancy Pelosi was a wee bit pissed off.

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12 Responses to “Rep. Brad Sherman: Martial Law If Bailout Bill Not Passed”

  1. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    Martial Law? OK, I’ll play.
    First: Enough of us are suitably equipped to deal with that situation. Mossberg, Lee-Enfield, Remington and Ruger.
    Second: In a way it would be what the annointed one-future dear leader wants.
    Third: Refer to First

    • Jim Brown says:

      :/flag I’m with you! I’m tired of them forcing things down our throats that they don’t even have to adhere to….and the money they make after just 8 years and retirement or defeat is like a pirates chest p-( and them laughing all the way home!

  2. Buffoon says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but this is already a mute point, no? They already passed the rip off law

  3. Nothing wrong with a little 9mm justice, GM 🙂

    True, Buffoon, but, it is good to expose what those in the vaunted halls of Congress really think.

  4. Kahiri Blackness says:

    they are ALL demagogues. bush has already tried to institute his militaristic kingship over america and the world. McCain is little better. obama is the best candidate not killed by the corporate media, but even he’s bought and sold. the hood remains under martial law, nothin new. like y’all said, guns up, f*** the law

  5. mazorka says:

    What we’ve seen up til now is just the calm before the storm … watch for GE’s quarterly report tomorrow – if they’re suffering anything like the automakers, it will be proof positive that the collapse has hit the real economy. If GE’s numbers are bad, check your ammo.

  6. Jim Brown says:

    If we really knew what went on behind the closed doors of Congress, we would probably be so mad that most of us would rusn the Sentate/House and drag each of them out by the hair of their heads if they were not bald. Speaker of House Pelosi’s statements of inactiint Martial Law if the House didn’t pass the revised bill from the Sentate was outrageous. The adding of “sweetners” was nothing more than bribes and pork. Now we have bailed $200B + $82B + $850B, to our knowledge. How much more are they going to add on to this “bailout” or “resuce”? Personally I think that anyone that threatened to use Martial Law if it didn’t pass should be kicked out of office immediately! :/flag

  7. Jim Brown says:

    L-) 😕 I thought that the President was the only one that inact Martial Law on the USA. I am I missing something when Speaker Pelosi made her threats!

  8. Donna says:

    Martial law is already being implemented. Please google “first brigade” and “thousands of troops are deployed on US streets to carry out crowd control”. Also, military forces are being sent out to “Help” police and fire depts. Money is being funneled to local fire and police in order to win them over and gain inroads. The constitution is a mockery to these people. WAKE UP AMERICA! Its all out there – don’t hide your heads in the sand. THIS ISN’T GOING AWAY.

  9. Jim Brown says:

    #-o Seems like Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi must think she has more power than she does! As long as the President is living and in control, she has no authority to declare martial law!

    This is typical of the Democratic House!

  10. F. J. Taylor says:

    I can see some of the people reading this column neither read nor listen thoroughly. It would behoove you to do so. The time is nearly upon us where it will be critical to be aware.

    One or two posters are correct in that only the POTUS can declare martial law. What some posters fail to understand is that is where the threat came from, not from Speaker Pelosi.

    Second, the US has already been subjected to a coup. It transpired in 2000 when the US Supreme Court handed the election to George W. Bush. This was not Constitutional. (You might check your Constitutions from time to time. On the other hand, don’t bother – you don’t really need them any loner.)

    The 2004 election was carried by a combination of fear tactics and hanky-panky with the electronic voting machines. (It is interesting that some early voting states have already found machines that turned their votes from Democratic to Republican in front of their eyes – apparently a glitch in the programming – they weren’t supposed to actually see it happen.

    The PATRIOT Acts, plus a raft of other “anti-terrorist” legislation have, in combination with the powers Congress has ceded the President over a period of 50-plus years since the end of WW II, has created a situation where the POTUS can now declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, declare anyone he pleases an “enemy combatant” and imprison and torture them – including US citizens.

    They have already extended the border of the US 100 miles INSIDE the actual borders (North and South) and established DHS “checkpoints” in what is effectively a “Constitution-free Zone.”
    (Check it out.)

    One poster correctly pointed out that the regime is bringing a Brigade Combat Team back from Iraq. They are going to be stationed in Colorado and will comprise the North American Command – to “assist” in “natural disasters” and “emergencies” – including acting as a military police “assistance” force in “civil disturbances.” They are also deploying “non-lethal” weapons systems for use in North America. (Never mind Posse Comitatus – I am sure Mr. Bush regards it the same way he regards the Constitution – as just a “god-damned piece of paper.”

    There are 400 new Federal prisons being built all over the country. Who do you think will be filling them? The mass raids on the illegal workers recently were just to accustom the public to massive arrests.

    In a short time, the US will be issuing national IDs. CAPPS II and the REAL ID Acts were just steps on the road – and the people who “consulted” on them should tell you the score – they included Markus Wolf, former head of the infamous E. German STASI and his old pal Yevgeny Primakov, former LGEN of the KGB. See here for details:

    I also have some advice for those of you who think your piddling little personal arsenals will preserve your lives or “freedom” – (the little which you had left and have so blithely cast away by supporting this rogue regime) – your Rugers and Smiths, etc. will not prevail against M-60s, SAWs, Quad .50 caliber MGs, 40mm Dusters, etc. – let alone napalm, CBUs, etc.

    Based on your gungy expressions of lust for battle, I’d say all or most of you haven’t served, or if so, haven’t seen any real action, or had any significant military training, experience, or background – because I don’t know too many REAL combat men who are so hot to trot (and being one myself, I know more than a few). In any case, that cockiness and lack of background will make you even easier meat for the professional soldiers of the modern military (let alone for the mercenaries of Blackwater who will soon be operating here).

    All I can say, is the gods or powers that be (if any) help this nation, with such fools on all sides spoiling for a war they know nothing about…

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