Insanity Over

Seriously, these people on the Left should have continued their therapy sessions after the 2004 election. Of course, they probably seeked out psychiatrists that were Liberals, too. Case in point

What a bizarre (and tawdry) series-of-tubes headache for the McCain campaign.

How could it be that a Web site titled “VoteForTheMilf” redirects users to Republican nominee John McCain‘s official campaign Website? True stuff. Or at least it was until someone mysteriously un-directed the redirection.

As of just moments ago, anyone who typed “” into his or her Web browser and hit enter was immediately redirected to McCain’s site,, where vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin greeted first-time users via video. (The .net and .org versions of voteforthemilf also redirected users to the mccain campaign site.)

The curious linkage was first discovered by GovGap. As you can see at Network Solutions, the “voteforthemilf” domain was created on Aug. 29, the same day that McCain announced Palin as his running mate.

Would it surprise you that the above comes from a Washington Post blog? Or that “The Sleuth gives a tip of the ‘ole hat to our colleague on Style, intrepid lampooner Libby Copeland, who happened upon an item on the dreaded URL snafu on the Washington City Paper’s blog.” It shouldn’t, considering the derangement syndrome for anything that they do not like they express.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Washington City Paper go their info from a very hard left site, with the Washington Post following next. All three are making allegations they cannot back up with, you know, facts. I found it via Memeorandum from Crooks and Liars. The Post makes insinuations and accusations, all designed to make you think this is some sort of nefarious plot!

But, if we look it up at Network Solutions, we see: Web Site Title: was a simple prank. | Could it be BS? Sure. The info for my address is wrong, too.

BTW, I own I’ve owned it for a few months, haven’t done a thing with it. I just set it up to redirect to, should take affect shortly.

The death of sanity and journalistic ethics occured in 2008.

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