Voter Fraud In Milwaukee

Are you surprised?

In operation for less than a month, the Elections Fraud Task Force filed its first charge Monday against voter registration worker Endalyn Adams yesterday, who faked approximately 27 registration forms.

According to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, Adams submitted 45 forms, 19 of which included nonexistent addresses and 22 that contained fraudulent driver’s license numbers.

In the criminal complaint, Adams admitted to falsifying the information and could now face up to three and a half years in jail with a $10,000 fine. Her reasoning was that she had to meet a daily quota of twelve to fifteen registration forms set up by her employer, the Community Voters Project, on top of a second job.

Would it surprise you that the Community Voters Project, as supposedly non-partisan organization, is part of the Progressive Future Education Fund? Would it surprise you that they have had several other cases of voter fraud? And, would it surpise you that the Democrats in Milwaukee couldn’t give a damn?

However, not everyone sees voter fraud as a prevalent issue in the upcoming election, including Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Alec Loftus.

“Van Hollen and other Republicans are fabricating widespread stories of widespread voter fraud in an attempt to justify their baseless and politically motivated lawsuits,” Loftus said.

“Instead of spending time scaring and confusing voters with baseless lawsuits and fabricated stories of widespread voter fraud, Van Hollen should be working to ensure that every eligible voter has the right to cast his or her ballot,” Loftus said

I’ll wait till you stop laughing. Could be awhile, considering how it has been Democrats who have whined non-stop since 2000 about voter fraud, and how we have to make sure it doesn’t happen, and who has had enormous amounts of lawyers deployed in 2004, and now in 2008. They even whined when they won Congress back in 2006. Yet, they aren’t worried about it now. I wonder why?

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One Response to “Voter Fraud In Milwaukee”

  1. manbearpig says:

    It really is amazing also at how all the democratic and liberal groups are flooding the news with stories of how the GOP wants to stop people from voting here.

    Our AG, Van Hollen is suing the state to make them enforce the “Help America Vote Act” by making officials cross reference the names on the voter rolls with existing databases. Amazing how actually doing that caught this person who was getting fraudulent names on the voter rolls.

    Also, in the last Presidential election, Milwaukee had cast more votes than had voters registered. But try and bring that up and you are “keeping minorities from voting”.

    The fact is that if they clear the names from the voter rolls and you are one of those voters, you cast a provisional ballot, and then you come back within a week to verify your address, and boom, you’re counted. OR, Wisconsin is one of the few (if not only) states that allows registration at the polls. So you aren’t on the voter rolls? Just re-register. Case closed. OOOO, wait, that would be a hardship.

    The Dems stole the election in WI (I believe) in 2000 and 2004 because of the cheating factor (remember this is the party that was giving homeless people cartons of smokes to have homeless people vote for Al Gore, and registered the Mentally disabled in group home to cast votes for John Kerry, why wouldn’t they want to get a few hundred extra names on the voter rolls).

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