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Al Qaeda In Iraq Getting Waxed

So, what have the Coalition forces done in Iraq over the past week? (from DefenseLink News) Coalition troops nabbed 21 suspected terrorists, including a senior al Qaeda in Iraq courier, an improvised-explosive- device cell leader, and a foreign-fighter facilitator during operations across Iraq today. In Baghdad, coalition forces captured three individuals with ties to senior […]

Today’s Demaloon Comments

Before I tell you where these comments came from, I want you to read them first Bush is always going after the wrong people. When we were attacked by Afghanistan on 911, he went after Iraq. Now that we know Russia is providing the weapons to the Malitias (sp?) in Iraq , he wants to […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: Insurgents Waxed and Other Developments

Good Monday to all. How about a beer? No clue why people have gotten upset about this commercial. Maybe it was some sort of PETA protest? CNN has a story this morning about a battle in Najaf. Let's look at the highlights, shall we? A pitched battle between U.S.-backed Iraqi troops and insurgents raged into […]

Paris Hilton Screwing

In a shameless example of traffic whoring, I bring you Paris Hilton screwing. You know you are just itching to press the "read more" link

Holy Cow!

This is what I call extreme surfing! You realize that the wave is 25-30 feet, making the face 50-60 feet. And there ain’t no judges! Massive Wave

Bush 43: Smartest, Most Eloquent Man On Earth

Yes, I am serious, including the eloquence part. Those on the Left constantly state that Bush is an idiot. A moron. Dumb. And we all know about W's speaking issues. But, is that really the case? Let's see the evidence. Bush convinced vast amounts of Democrats to vote for the Iraq War Bush convinced the United Nations to pass […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

And a Happy Sunday to all! This one is obviously by Bill Layne, with a wee bit of meddling. Tracy Russo at the official blog of the Democrats states for the start of (yet another) open thread: It’s freezing here!!! So much for global warming, eh? Ever notice that Dem blogs have a lot of […]

The Path To 9/11 Redux. Let’s Go Diving!

In case you haven't heard about it, or, been sitting on a lake drinkin' and a fishin' most of the day (while the leftards did their little protests on a beautiful day!), taking one's Blackjack out every once and a while, Hannity is going to air the unedited footage of the movie The Path to 9/11. […]

Devils Win Again. Yawn

Ted Nolan, coach of the Islanders, has stated that watching the Devils is like "watching chess." Perhaps for those whose teams are getting waxed by the Devils, who have 3 Cups, four appearences, missed the Playoffs only once since 1994, and six Division titles, and are well on their way to a 7th. Perhaps Ted […]

Rented Goalie Kerry At It Again, But Don’t Call Him Un-Patriotic

Former rented Democrat goalie John Kerry is once again taking shots at the United States while in Davos Senator John Kerry is taking aim at the Bush administration's foreign policy, saying it's caused the US to become "a sort of international pariah." At a forum in Switzerland, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee says the Bush administration […]

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