Daily Archives: January 8, 2007

Breaking News: US AC-130 Attacks Somalian Islamics

Fox News is reporting that a US official stated that a US AC-130 Gunship attacked Al Qaeda targets in Somalia. MSNBC reports A U.S. helicopter gunship conducted a strike against two suspected al-Qaida operatives in southern Somalia, but it was not known whether the mission was successful, CBS News reported on Monday. The U.S. Air […]

Dems: We’re Here To Help

Video: Dems Are Here To Help I think that says it all. Kudo’s to Bullwinkle at The Bullwinkle Blog, as well as a big thanks for letting me post the vid. ‘Bought snorted coffee through my nose the first time I saw it. Trackposted to Rightwing Guy, Wake Up America, Perri Nelson’s Website, Is It […]

New Stem Cells: Will The Left Embrace Them?

This is pretty good news (from the Raleigh N&O) A Wake Forest University scientist says he has discovered a new class of stem cells in the wombs of pregnant women that may provide an alternative to embryonic stem cells. The new cells, unlike embryonic cells, could be harvested without the destruction of early-stage human embryos. […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: Liberals Need To Find A Life

Happy Monday to all. It's a perfect day to start the work week on the East Coast. Dark, dreary, rainy. Exactly the kind of conditions that make going to work after the weekend not so bad. I'll tell ya, libs need some serious alchohol [gv data=”7BfgrU_cZyM”][/gv] Then again, maybe the problem is that they have […]

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