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Nifong To Abandon Case?

In a WRAL story about Durham DA Mike Nifong's pending ethics hearing, we find a very interesting portion If the woman who claims the players sexually assaulted her at a party can't identify them at a February hearing, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has said, he will abandon the divisive case. At the next […]

Progressives Love Free Speech?

Oh contraire, rabbit! I mentioned back in early December that Venezualan strongman Hugo Chavez was planning on shutting down TV stations that he doesn't like. Now, he is actually doing it Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he will not renew the licence for the country's second largest TV channel which he says expires in […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

And a Happy Sunday! My Devils won over those evil Islanders, and the Giants have 95.5% backed into the Playoffs. Saddam is still dead, and Progressives are still having hissy fits. Vinnie has a different video of the Saddam execution. I’m too sick (cold) to even try to bother downloading, uploading, and putting it up, so, […]

Giants vs Skins

If the Giants lose the game to the Deadskins, I will become a liberal. There, i said it.

Terrorist Bombing In Spain: Surrender Worked Well, Eh?

Y'all remember when Spain surrendered to Al Qaeda by electing a Socialist government which immediately pulled all Spain's troops out of Iraq? And all the Spaniards thought that everything would be OK? How'd that work? Spain has blamed a powerful car bomb explosion at the country's busiest airport Saturday on Basque separatist group ETA, declaring […]

Saddam To The Gallows Pole-Video

I have a copy over at Youtube, but, as you know that it will be banned, showing it from Photobucket. I'm surprised that CNN actually had the video. You know that they will be considered necon/Bush stooges by the Lefties now! Hot Air has the video too, as well as an exclusive story from the cameraman […]

Bye Bye, Saddam

Saddam dead, hung right before 10pm Eastern time. I'm sure everyone knows. So, what about Liberal World? Saddam Hussein's execution is now a _MAJOR_ violation of the Geneva Convention! The meme of Saddam being all the USA's fault, plus "So can the Iraqis hang George Bush and Tony Blair next? This is sick. Saddam was […]

Duke Lacrosse: Nifong Slapped With Ethics Charges

It always looks a bit strange to me when I read a story that states that anyone has been slapped with ethics charges. There really should be some antonym of that word, which would be perfect for Durham DA Mike Nifong The North Carolina State Bar has filed an ethics complaint against Duke lacrosse prosecutor […]

Sheehan Stretching Her 15 Minutes

And said 15 could now land her with a jail term. Shame (snicker) Anti-war (nutjob) protester Cindy Sheehan was arrested Thursday afternoon outside President Bush's ranch, according to a law enforcement official. Sheehan, who in the past has camped out for weeks in protest outside the ranch in Crawford, Texas, was arrested for blocking the road […]

TrackBack Friday, Featuring The DNC Surrender Monkey! Saddam Good!

Happy Friday to all! It's that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all have the same talking points: link it! Yes, that is, in fact, the conclusion of many, […]

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