Sheehan Stretching Her 15 Minutes

And said 15 could now land her with a jail term. Shame (snicker)

Anti-war (nutjob) protester Cindy Sheehan was arrested Thursday afternoon outside President Bush's ranch, according to a law enforcement official.

Sheehan, who in the past has camped out for weeks in protest outside the ranch in Crawford, Texas, was arrested for blocking the road leading to the property, Texas Department of Public Safety's Tela Mange told CNN.

Four others were also arrested after law enforcement officials asked the group to move and they refused, Mange said. (Watch defiant protesters led away by police)

"[Sheehan] told us if you want us to get out of the road, you're going to have to arrest us," Mange said. "So we did."

The First Amendment gives people the Right to protest, but only peaceably. Breaking the law is not peaceably, and could land her in jail for up to 6 months, with a $2,000 fine.

It gets worse for Nutjob, though, since, after her arrest in New York, she was given conditional discharge, meaning that any arrest could increase the penalties faced in NY. Darn.

Absolute moral authority, per Mo Dowd, ends when a person is breaking the law.

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One Response to “Sheehan Stretching Her 15 Minutes”

  1. Carl says:

    I can only hope it will be a rather lengthy jail term that will cause her to receive an even lengthier term when she’s arrested again.

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