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Christmas Humor: DUmmie Thread of The Day

Everyone loves Disney World, right? Not so fast. In a story from the BBC about the gentleman who was asked to stop impersonating Santa, we get this Bassic: Evil bastards. Just plain evil bastards. NotGivingUp: DISNEY SUCKS! Their parks suck. You pay atrocious prices to get in…then they have the nerve to charge you for […]

Penguins Affected By GWACBM

That would be "Global Warming As Caused By Man." MCMURDO STATION, Antarctica (Reuters) – The first Adelie penguin chicks of the season — black fluffballs small enough to hold in the hand — started hatching this month, and the simple fact that there are more of them in the south and fewer of them further […]

Powell Says Talk To Iran And Syria, Despite Being a Waste

I have to wonder, is Colin Powell close to joining the Surrender Monkeys? The United States should talk to Syria and Iran about strife in the Middle East, former secretary of state Colin Powell said. But Powell, who was Washington's top diplomat from 2001 to 2005, said he didn't think such communications would have much […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: DA Nifong Possible Fed Investigation Target

And a Happy Monday to all. Mike Nifong could sure use a beer. Video: Federal Probe on DA Nifong? If it does end up being investigated by the Feds, then it will have to be a tequila day. Read the story here. What is even more tragic is that the next court hearing is not […]

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