Powell Says Talk To Iran And Syria, Despite Being a Waste

I have to wonder, is Colin Powell close to joining the Surrender Monkeys?

The United States should talk to Syria and Iran about strife in the Middle East, former secretary of state Colin Powell said.

But Powell, who was Washington's top diplomat from 2001 to 2005, said he didn't think such communications would have much of an impact on the secular violence consuming Iraq, calling Tehran's and Damascus's involvement "marginal."

"I have no illusions that either Syria or Iran want to help us in Iraq," Powell told CBS television.

To paraphrase, let's talk to the murderous Muzzie regimes in Syria and Iran about Iraq, despite believing that said talks will be a waste of time. The difference between a borderline SM and an SM is that an SM would not have said that the talks would be a waste of time. A borderline SM does, but also fails to mention, like an SM, what purpose the talks would serve.

"There is hostility that goes back 27 years, and they're difficult to deal with and they're acting very, very badly."

Yup, so, by all means, let's talk to them. Hey, maybe we could give them both lots of stuff, maybe a nuclear reactor with a promise and a wink, to get them to stop acting badly. Badly? Iran has threatened to anihalate Isreal. Syria has is involved in all sorts of actions against Israel and to destabilize Lebenon. Just what we need, is talks.

And, to repeat slightly, what purpose would said talks serve? Powell did forget to mention that part.

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