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Duke Lacrosse: Massive DNA Coverup?

Can you say bombshell? (from the Raleigh N&O) A private laboratory hired by the prosecution in the Duke lacrosse case failed to report that it found DNA from multiple males in the accuser's body and underwear, according to a defense motion filed today. The lab, DNA Security of Burlington, found that the DNA did not […]

Holiday Humor-Liberal PC Greetings

Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza     Sorry for the delay…our Legal Department just approved the following Holiday Greeting:     Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday(tm), practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of […]

Silly Muslims, Trying To Bomb Another Mosque

What is with Muzzies? They pitch a fit and riot over some cartoons, but have no problem attempting to damage or destroy a Mosque. You know, that holy place that they worship (from DefenseLink) Iraqi police were patrolling yesterday when they found an improvised explosive device near a Samarra mosque’s doorway. “This action by the […]

The Earth Survived Global Warming

Morning, y'all. Jebediah here, and I really believe that the "global warming as caused by Mankind" nuts do not think when they release studies like this Global warming from 55 million years ago suggests that climates are highly sensitive to carbon dioxide, according to a study published by the latest issue of Science. Scientific studies […]

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