Daily Archives: December 26, 2006

ACLU Loves Illegals, Sues Texas Town

I don't know how many times I have written "does the ACLU not understand that American Rights apply only to Americans?", guess I will write it again Two civil rights groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging a suburb's new law that outlaws renting to illegal immigrants, alleging the ordinance violates federal law and forces landlords […]

Saddam Death Sentence Upheld

Ha! This should send the Demaloons in to screaming fits An Iraqi appeals court has upheld the death sentence for ousted President Saddam Hussein, Iraq's national security adviser has said. "The appeals court approved the verdict to hang Saddam [Hussein]," Mouwafak al-Ruabaie said. How about a little of said seething? The DU is mostly silent, […]

Tuesday Linfest: Dems Promise To Restrain Spending :)

Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, spending time with friends and family, giving that perfect gift, reflecting on what the day meant, and, for our Left side buddies, a day of, hopefully, less seething. Now, New Years is coming up on us fast, and the Demos are already making their resolutions, which, […]

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