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A Tom and Jerry Christmas

One of the all time greats [gv data=”DnU67geWL90″][/gv]

Holiday Humor: 379.1 PPM

Roaming through the BBC, I found a humorous article on global warming, er, climate change, which is all freaked out about this The steady rise in atmospheric levels of the greenhouse gases blamed for climate change shows no signs of abating, a UN agency has announced. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide rose by about […]

Duke Lacrosse: What Is Your Interest, America?

An interesting letter in the Durham Herald Sun I have read in your editorial section, over the past several months, many letters concerning the Duke lacrosse case, written by people from around the nation. Their "interest" has puzzled me. Without fail, every one of these letters is pro-defense and vehemently anti-prosecution. Who are these busy-bodies? […]

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