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Happy Birthday Blue Star Beth!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite ladies! How can a lady so young have grown children? (via Hooah Wife and The Median Sib)

Christmas Thong-For The Big Boys ‘N Girls

  Fair is fair, can’t have a good Christmas thong for the boys without some eye candy for the girls. Pirate thongs are good, but, it is the season for giving, y’all. Enjoy! In related news, it was nice to see the Donald give Miss USA a second chance. Isn’t that what America has always […]

Seasonal Humor: Dems Reminder of First 100 Days

They are so cute when they are making jokes There has been a tremendous amount of talk about the first 100 hours of the Democratic House of Representatives. Here's a reminder: Included in House Democrats' first 100 legislative hours are: Draining the swamp — break the link between lobbyists and legislation and commit to pay-as-you-go […]

Linkfest: Those Caring Liberals

How many times have we seen the Nutroots show that they, darn it, just care about people? All the sympathy they have shown when W crashed his bike, when the Big D went in to a hospital in Colorado, Ariel Sharon's stroke, when Laura Ingraham had breast cancer, etc. Now, it is Laura Bush's, or, […]

American Flag Bidness

Another fine blogger to add to the list! Give it up for YID with LID Welcome aboard, Matey!

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