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Plamegate: Senor Wilson No Want To Testify

After all the whining and complaining by Former "sub-Ambassador who got to talk to Saddam to insult the Big S" Wilson about his wife being "outed" so she could appear in Vanity Fair, now he has issues Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson has filed a motion to quash the witness subpoena for him issued last […]

Jingle Cats!

[gv data=”zooemgWzhIM”][/gv] Linkadoodled to The Right Nation, Rightwing Guy, Perri Nelson’s Website, Stuck On Stupid, The Random Yak, , and Pursuing Holiness, Super Basil’s Blogrolling, with a thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe. Looks like Soapbox is having some issues. Replaced with Youtube version.

Human Events: Where’s The ACLU?

Rabbi Aryeh Spiro, writing over at Human Events, asks what I have been for a long time, in regards to the Duke Lacrosse case, where is the ACLU? I can tell you, the North Carolina branch is nowhere in sight. I have sent perhaps 10 emails, and even an actual letter, yet not one response. […]

Pardon The Border Agents Pt.II and Linkfest

Happy Thursday. Only a few more days left till Christmas, and let's give these Border Agents families a good present (from US Newswire, but they are having some link issues, was at 11:33 on 12/20) In a continuing effort to pressure President George Bush to pardon U.S. border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who are […]

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