Daily Archives: December 30, 2006

Giants vs Skins

If the Giants lose the game to the Deadskins, I will become a liberal. There, i said it.

Terrorist Bombing In Spain: Surrender Worked Well, Eh?

Y'all remember when Spain surrendered to Al Qaeda by electing a Socialist government which immediately pulled all Spain's troops out of Iraq? And all the Spaniards thought that everything would be OK? How'd that work? Spain has blamed a powerful car bomb explosion at the country's busiest airport Saturday on Basque separatist group ETA, declaring […]

Saddam To The Gallows Pole-Video

I have a copy over at Youtube, but, as you know that it will be banned, showing it from Photobucket. I'm surprised that CNN actually had the video. You know that they will be considered necon/Bush stooges by the Lefties now! Hot Air has the video too, as well as an exclusive story from the cameraman […]

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