Saddam To The Gallows Pole-Video

I have a copy over at Youtube, but, as you know that it will be banned, showing it from Photobucket.

I'm surprised that CNN actually had the video. You know that they will be considered necon/Bush stooges by the Lefties now!

Hot Air has the video too, as well as an exclusive story from the cameraman over at MSNBC

Ali Al Massedy was 3 feet away from Saddam Hussein when he died. The 38 year old, normally Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's official videographer, was the man responsible for filming the late dictator's execution at dawn on Saturday. "I saw fear, he was afraid," Ali told NEWSWEEK minutes after returning from the execution. Wearing a rumpled green suit and holding a Sony HDTV video camera in his right hand, Ali recalled the dictator's last moments. "He was saying things about injustice, about resistance, about how these guys are terrorists," he says. On the way to the gallows, according to Ali, "Saddam said, ‘Iraq without me is nothing.’"

Ali says he followed Saddam up the gallows steps, escorted by two guards. He stood over the hole and filmed from close quarters as Saddam dropped through—from "me to you," he said, crouching down to show how he shot the scene. The distance, he said, was "about one meter," he said. "He died absolutely, he died instantly." Ali said Saddam's body twitched, "shaking, very shaking," but "no blood," he said, and "no spit." (Ali said he was not authorized to disclose the location, and did not give other details of the room.)

How do the Huftardians feel?

  • Crimes against humanity. That's so freaking rich. Saddam pops off 250 and Bush culls a million. So hard to listen to the mainstream media anymore.
  • We should all understand that Saddam's execution spells relief for the Bush Crime Family. It isn't because of his capacity to murder. After all, the Bush Family puts Saddam to shame when it comes to mass murder. The real reason is that Saddam knows too much about those Bush Family massacres, crimes against humanity, assassinations, and other atrocities.
  • This whole ignominious hokum 'trial' of Saddam Hussein had the shame of the Bush Crime Family written all over it from the very beginning.

    The legitimate trial would have been held at the Hague Court. However, that trial would have brought out the crimes against humanity of the BCF! With a quick deep sixing of Saddam, the Bush sins, vis a vis Saddam, will NEVER find them out.

  • WOW! Whoopie fucking shit. So we invaded another country, deposed it's leader (thug and murderer, but then so are most of the world's leaders) held a kangaroo court and then killed him. Yay…
  • Am I supposed to jump up and down with joy? I don't believe it's him. They managed to get Hussein out to Switzerland, Dubai or Argentina. Let me see some DNA. Big Baloney!
  • This hanging sets the table for Bush's hanging when he is convicted of war crimes. His crimes make Saddam's seem like small potatoes.

OK, enough, I can't take so much Hufftardian insanity so early in the morning, when I am fighting off a cold. Jeez, those people are nuts. It's  hard to believe that most of us spent time in the same American school system and live in the same country.

David at The Thunder Run does some dumpster diving of his own. Check it out.

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12 Responses to “Saddam To The Gallows Pole-Video”

  1. Stacy says:

    Why do you torment yourself by going to HuffPo? Those people do not have the capacity to understand “human rights”. They are the group after all that believe it’s okay to chop up a baby and suck it out of its’ momma.

  2. beth says:

    We can always count on you to go dumpster diving!! If we want to know what the DU and Huffers are writing we just have to come here to get the scoop – which is much better than going there! Poor guy LOL

    BTW – I also figured you’d have the video of Saddam’s hanging up before anyone – and you DO! 🙂

  3. From the Gallows…

    As I expected, William at The Pirate’s Cove has the video of Saddam’s execution and an interview from the cameraman.
    He also has some of the reactions from the nether regions of the blogsphere.
    Also at Hot Air.
    Nothing poetic here – just we…

  4. Stacy, pretty much cause I’m an idiot 🙂 Leftards give good copy, though.

    Beth, can’t wait till they have the full video of him doing a short drop and a quick stop, as the saying goes.

  5. Examples Of Extreme Liberals Becoming Unhinged Over Saddam Hussein’s Execution (More Moonbattery)…

    Saddam Hussein At The Execution Site Shortly Before Being Hanged.

    Gateway Pundit has compiled a rather lengthy list of links showing how unhinged many extreme liberals have become over the execution of “the Butcher of Baghdad” Saddam Hussein.


  6. Stacy says:

    “William Teach; boldly going where no conservatives have gone before” I concur with BSC Beth (that’s what we have to call her in the Cotillion), we need ya to get dirt under your nails.

  7. To view a sarcastic visual of George Bush playing a round of “Hangman”…link here:

  8. gillesroy says:

    Political designs behind Saddam’s execution :

    1. Saddam is clearly the scapegoat for an international war syndicate, which includes many in our current political leadership, both in front and behind the scenes. Evacuating due process, controlling evidence and terrorizing the prosecution team were all par for the course in Saddam’s trial. A key reason for the speedy road to execution, was to eliminate a prominent player and key witness of this international criminal war conspiracy, thereby avoid further indictment of members of our leadership, many of whom have been accessory to Saddam’s actual crimes.

    2. To « bookend » media fatigue and public indifference, re : Saddam’s trial. The whole point of the « trial » was to deliver a quick public execution, and thereby feed the hunger for blood so brilliantly cultivated in Western public opinion. An execution gives sense of heightened drama, and inagurates the next round of intensified bloodshed in the region… and beyond.

    3. Lastly, to make Saddam a martyr for (gasp!) sympathisers, thereby deepening chaos in the middle-east over a longer period of time. Certainly, the US-led war in Iraq can be called a success insofar as its central purpose has been to aid the spreading of chaos in the Middle-East.

  9. oh, Lord, more conspiracy claptrap.

  10. linda says:

    I can think of a more appropriate word for it, William! heh Sounds like morons, inc!

  11. Russell’s Paradox and the Execution of Saddam Huss…

    A man condemned to be hanged was sentenced to die within 30 days. The prisoner was told by the judge that he would be hanged at noon on one of the next 30 days and on a day that he would not be expecting it. The judge promised that this execution wou…..

  12. bernie says:

    Happy New Year.

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