Seasonal Humor: Dems Reminder of First 100 Days

They are so cute when they are making jokes

There has been a tremendous amount of talk about the first 100 hours of the Democratic House of Representatives. Here's a reminder:

Included in House Democrats' first 100 legislative hours are:

  • Draining the swamp — break the link between lobbyists and legislation and commit to pay-as-you-go budgeting, no new deficit spending
  • Giving Americans a raise — increase the minimum wage
  • Making college more affordable — cut the interest rate in half on federally subsidized student loans
  • Making health care more affordable — negotiate for lower prescription drug prices
  • Ending subsidies for Big Oil
  • Giving hope to families with devastating diseases — allow stem cell research

What's that? You mean they are serious? Nothing about National Security and illegal immigration? Hmph. I guess this is what their super secret double probation if released before the elections plans were all about. No wonder they didn't want to talk about them.

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