Saddam Death Sentence Upheld

Ha! This should send the Demaloons in to screaming fits

An Iraqi appeals court has upheld the death sentence for ousted President Saddam Hussein, Iraq's national security adviser has said.

"The appeals court approved the verdict to hang Saddam [Hussein]," Mouwafak al-Ruabaie said.

How about a little of said seething? The DU is mostly silent, going off on tangents in their few threads. The Hufftardians, on the other hand:

  • The "trial" in Iraq was a farce, a ridiculous show. The international community should demand that Saddam Hussein have a fair trial, with credible evidence and impartial witnesses. The Hague is where Saddam Hussein should get his judgment. The United States still abides by the rule of international law, doesn't it?
  • Quick, somebody stop this execution. Put him back in power and let's get the hell out of there. We should then focus on executing Bush.
  • Will george W. be the next?
  • Free Saddam and withdraw from Iraq, immediately. No more unnecessary American deaths. Bush and his handlers should be in the docket. A continuation of this war is treason.
  • There are very good reasons why Hussein should not be put to death.

    The fairness and quality of the trial that convicted him is automatically suspect because of the circumstances of the occupation which necessarily makes it a show trial.

    The overweening and overwhelming matter of concern about the present United States administration is that from all past history if the best and finest intelligence estimates show that the execution of Hussein were to take place there would be severe social upheaval, they will carry it out all the same. There is an insanity within that justifying thinking process.

  • This is premeditated murder orchestrated by Bush. An international trial should be held. This death will NOT make the U.S. saver.
  • . . this is a mistake. . . dust the guy off, get him a few new suits, apologize for killing his sons, give him a half dozen pallets of shrink-wrapped hundred dollar bills and ten thousand Kalashnikovs (with plenty of ammo)and let him have the country back. Then leave immediately.

Nothing unusual there.

Hot Air has more.

BTW, I wonder how the Libs will take it the day of his execution?

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12 Responses to “Saddam Death Sentence Upheld”

  1. Perri Nelson says:


    What a delightful word to describe those anti-American, justice hating, flaming lunatics.

    How Alan Dershowitz puts up with them I will never know. He’s one of the few voices of reason over there.

    It’s just too bad that many of them can’t be reasoned with.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for wading into the cesspool to pull these dhimmicrap comments out into the light. It’s a dirty job, but…

    Adds support for my upcoming post on the benefits of bias (or, “Prejudice ain’t all bad” :-)). *heh*

  3. beth says:

    I was just thinking the same thing David said. Are you okay? Did you get a chance to take a shower?

  4. Saddam Will Be Hanged…

    The death sentence of former Iraqi Tyrant Dictator, Saddam Hussein, has been upheld by an Iraqi appeals court.
    The attorneys for Saddam filed an appeal immediately following his sentencing in November. He appeal has been rejected and according to Iraqi…

  5. Kristen McFarland says:

    Comment #1. Have you ever listened to Alan Dershowitz? He is as liberal a nutcase as I have ever heard. The only reason he got up on his highhorse lately was because some recent events and I was amazed that he took a totally reasonable tack on it. I expected him to support the ACLU and the other liberals and he attacked them. It probably had something to do with Israel and that insane conference held in Iran with anti-Semitism on the rise. Mr. Dershowitz is Jewish himself and it is possible he chose to defend his own heritage rather than follow liberal templates.

  6. Perri Nelson says:

    I stand corrected.

    Apparently I don’t read quite enough of his work to fully understand it in context. I will correct that.

  7. Didn’t take a shower, but did wash my hands with lye soap 🙂

  8. linda says:

    Maybe these nutcases should talk to some of the Iraqis who had their hands cut off, were beheaded, and all other forms of maiming and death courtesy of Saddam. Idiots!

  9. Carl says:

    What? The ACLU hasn’t filed suit in order to get the hanging delayed?

  10. I can’t wait to see Saddam finally given an evic…..

    The deposed Iraqi tyrant is asking for it, and now that he’s been sentenced to death, his departure for hell can’t come soon enough (Hat tip: Hot Air)….

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