Christmas Humor: DUmmie Thread of The Day

Everyone loves Disney World, right? Not so fast. In a story from the BBC about the gentleman who was asked to stop impersonating Santa, we get this

Bassic: Evil bastards. Just plain evil bastards.

NotGivingUp: DISNEY SUCKS! Their parks suck. You pay atrocious prices to get in…then they have the nerve to charge you for parking…then they say 'bend over again' when it comes to buying anything to eat or drink. tons of money so that you can be in their BORING park and wait in EXTREMELY long lines for an hour. I wish people would stop being so brainwashed as to thinking it's a good time.

Only in DUmmie World can someone have a seething hatred of Disney. Does this mean they won't watch ABC and ESPN?

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2 Responses to “Christmas Humor: DUmmie Thread of The Day”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    NotGivingUp: How would you know all of the charges at disney unless you are one of the brainwashed that waste money there? More proof there is no brains in the left.

  2. They are very strange people.

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