Nifong To Abandon Case?

In a WRAL story about Durham DA Mike Nifong's pending ethics hearing, we find a very interesting portion

If the woman who claims the players sexually assaulted her at a party can't identify them at a February hearing, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has said, he will abandon the divisive case.

At the next hearing in the lacrosse case, set for February 5, the defense is expected to ask a judge to throw out the results of photo lineup in which the accuser – a 28-year-old hired to perform as a stripper at a lacrosse team party – identified her attackers.

If that happens, experts have said Nifong would likely be forced to drop charges of kidnapping and sexual offense, and Nifong has acknowledged as much.

I'm of the opinion that the Defense should stand up and demand their Sixth Amendment Rights to a speedy trial, as well as not allowing the Prosecution to drop the case. The defendents deserve their day in court, so the whole country can see how they were railroaded, and whether Nifong actually has evidence, or just manufactured the case to gain reelection. They deserve to confront, per the Sixth Amendment, the accuser.

Where's the ACLU?

Oh, BTW, the rest of the article shows that Nifong is in deep doo doo for the New Year.

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3 Responses to “Nifong To Abandon Case?”

  1. Happy New Year William, to you and all of the great readers at Pirate’s Cove

  2. Scrapiron says:

    The woman has seen the guys pictures hundreds of times. No way she won’t know what they look like. Nifong has made sure of that. This phony case should be thrown out in a way that it can never be brought up again.

  3. Happy New Years, Nuke!

    Scrap, you are quite right, but they should destroy Nifong in court.

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