Daily Archives: January 16, 2007

Are You Ready To File With The FEC?

Back on January 2nd, I mentioned that Nancy Pelosi wants to take away your 1st Amendment Rights, through the Democrats lobbying reform Bill. Now, we have some more information, via CNS News …many take issue with section 220 of the Lobbying Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007, which requires "disclosure of paid efforts to stimulate […]

Time To Sex You Up

Ok, to start out, for all those looking for the real Michelle Manhart nude Playboy photo’s, check out this post at Say Anything, if you can get through. Rob’s site is a wee bit busy, as you can imagine. Heh!. Meanwhile, do you dare watch this video? Come on, what have you got to lose? […]

Duke Lacrosse: Powerful Information From 60 Minutes

People can say what they want about 60 Minutes being left leaning, but, they have done a wonderful job throughout regarding the Duke Lacrosse Case. And Sunday nights episode was no different. You can watch a segment from the interview with the families of the accused players, which I would recommend heavily, rather then excerpting […]

Tuedsday Linkfest: Islamists On Trial In London

What is even more amazing, that is the actual headline at Yahoo News. The story itself is by the AFP, which, even though a French service, never seems to have an issue mentioning Muzzies. Considering that approx one quarter of the French population, legal and illegal, is Muslim, and has no problem rioting, kudo's to […]

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