Daily Archives: January 10, 2007

Pardon The Border Agents Cont’

Just received an email, like many of you, from Grassfire regarding the two border agents who were convicted for persuing, shooting, and arresting a drug smuggler, who happened to be an illegal alien Ron De Jong (our Communications Director) and I are on Capitol Hill today for a major press conference with members of Congress […]

The Democrats Intell Bill: Promote Democracy and Fund Muzzie Schools

There are many provisions of HR 1 that are good, such as wanting to search/screen one hundred percent of all cargo coming in to the USA, which, while impossible and costly, is admirable. It would slow down international commerce tremendously, but, the symbolism is good. Providing redress for those on no fly lists also makes […]

WTW: DUmmies Say GWOT Bad

Morning, Jebediah Murphy here for White Trash Wednesday. As most of you know, their were a bunch of air strikes by the United States in a small part of Somalia the past few days, and, a big time Al Qaeda terrorist was killed. Or, as CNN headlines it, an Al Qaeda militant (friggin' sad) A […]

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