Daily Archives: January 29, 2007

Racial Profiling: Defeatocrats Look To Limit Security

This is what you voted for, folks, either by filling in the dot for a Democrat, or staying away from the ballot box The repercussions of an airline's decision to remove a group of imams from a commercial flight in Minneapolis could be heard in Congress this year, with civil rights groups pushing Democratic lawmakers […]

Al Qaeda In Iraq Getting Waxed

So, what have the Coalition forces done in Iraq over the past week? (from DefenseLink News) Coalition troops nabbed 21 suspected terrorists, including a senior al Qaeda in Iraq courier, an improvised-explosive- device cell leader, and a foreign-fighter facilitator during operations across Iraq today. In Baghdad, coalition forces captured three individuals with ties to senior […]

Today’s Demaloon Comments

Before I tell you where these comments came from, I want you to read them first Bush is always going after the wrong people. When we were attacked by Afghanistan on 911, he went after Iraq. Now that we know Russia is providing the weapons to the Malitias (sp?) in Iraq , he wants to […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: Insurgents Waxed and Other Developments

Good Monday to all. How about a beer? No clue why people have gotten upset about this commercial. Maybe it was some sort of PETA protest? CNN has a story this morning about a battle in Najaf. Let's look at the highlights, shall we? A pitched battle between U.S.-backed Iraqi troops and insurgents raged into […]

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