Today’s Demaloon Comments

Before I tell you where these comments came from, I want you to read them first

  • Bush is always going after the wrong people. When we were attacked by Afghanistan on 911, he went after Iraq. Now that we know Russia is providing the weapons to the Malitias (sp?) in Iraq , he wants to go after Iran. The man is out of his mind. (I thought we were attacked by Al Qaeda, and then went in to Afghanistan. Was I wrong?)
  • Not to mention that attacking Iran will finish pissing off the 1.6 billion Moslems we have not already pissed off and will validate for the Moslem world as factual what bin Ladin has been teling them… (see, it is all our fault. If only we were just nicer to the sand apes.)
  • That was pretty awesome wasn't it? I wish I could go to all these things. The best I can do is donate to the different organizations so they have funds to get the buses and the signeage and what have you. That way, I still feel like I'm a part of it. However, there's nothing like actually being there and getting in your own "Bring Em Home". (sign) Also, I still sign every single petition sent to me. I did'nt stop after November. (Don't buses put out lots of CO2, which causes global warming? Also, I supposed that Loon never heard the phrase "get a life!")
  • Just think the Chimp's fired all the Generals who disagreed with him and now we have the table set for armagedon in the middle east. No stopping the nukes now without Impeachment and then he still might pull the trigger even while under Impeachment charges. (got that? Bush is about to lob some nukes over to the ME. Conspiracy wacko)
  • Like bush Hitler set the table to attack the Soviet Union. When the war started going badly he fired his generals and ran the war himself since he was the decider. After Stalingrad he seldom left his bunker in East Prussia and moved to his bunker in Berlin as the Soviets approached from the east. He did everything he could to take the German people with him because he considered them treasonous. Then, like a coward, he committed suicide with his buddy Goebbels. Goebbels even killed his children. Hitler killed his wife Eva. (woopy, a Bush=Hitler reference)
  • Lincoln is no American Hero when you look at some of the things he did. The price he paid for unity was too high. (yup, cause we all know that freeing the slaves and preserving the Union was bad)
  • Which brings us to Lesson Two: Democrats can't afford to keep ceding the "values vote." Here again, Edwards sees his antipoverty crusade as a step in the right direction. "In a country of our wealth, to have 37 million people living in poverty? It's a huge moral issue," he says. "There's a hunger in this country for a sense of national community, that we're not in this thing by ourselves. There's been a long period of selfish thinking. I think there's a great opportunity for us to be about a big, moral cause that's bigger than people's own self-interest." (I agree. There has been a long period of selfish thinking. It really is selfish to abort a baby because it interferes with a lifestyle of casual, unprotected sex with people one doesn't want to have a baby with)
  • Very interesting article. Those arrogant SOB's better not attack Iran. I wrote my Senator and Congressperson some time back and told them that an attack would be the end of the fascist bush administration and that I wouldn't stand for it and neither should they. Those SOB repigs are going to put us in the same position as Hitler was in after his attack on the Soviet Union. bush and cheney and their friends and families will live in their bunkers and we will take the consequences. Those two assholes must be stopped NOW!!!!!!!

And you truly have to love the last one, calling the President and Vice President of the United States of America "assholes."

So, where do you think they came from? Democratic Underground? Huffington Post? Daily Kos? Truthout? Maybe Prison Planet? Some of the other usual suspects? No. In fact, those comments came from the official blog of the Democratic Party, on their official website. Well, I guess it is not too surprising considering some of the comments that Howard Dean, the Party Chairman, has said.

"I hate Republicans and everything they stand for."

"I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks."

"The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong."

"Real Democrats don't make promises they can't keep"

The last one is my personal favorite. Always makes me laugh. It is also interesting to not that Dean does not have a link at the site. It was removed long ago, so as to avoid the kind of ultra partisan rants he is known for.

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3 Responses to “Today’s Demaloon Comments”

  1. David says:

    Ya hadda tell where the comments came from… But I’m still holding onto my ears’ hearing of the comments as a converasation between Reid, Kerry and Pelosi…


    BTW, Lincoln did indeed do some horrific and completely unconstitutional things to “preserve” the Union and essentially destroyed the Union forged by the Framers, replacing it with the form of federalism we have today–a form specifically rejected by the Framers. Fact.

    But we deal with the reality we have. (No, the Constitution didn’t die at Appomattox, but the course was well laid for a federalism that grants privileges while still calling them “rights”. Makes it so much easier to deny rights and remake citizens as subjects when politicians want to. See: TSA. Or Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus, arrest and disbanding of a whole state legislature (one that had specifically NOT voted to secede, but had voted a resolution that decried Lincoln’s rush to war) and many, many other usurpations of the rights of the People.

    Oh, and the Emancipation Proclamation? did not apply to Northern states that still had slaves but only to Southern states. Free the slaves? Not a genuine part of Lincoln’s agenda. Moreover, the Emancipation Proclamation provided for forced conscription into the Northern military of Southern slaves “freed” by it–merely another form of slavery.

    And forced conscription (“draft) of free Northern men? It’d already been deemed by the courts to be outside the scope of federal powers to do so earlier, but Lincoln, of course, ignored stare decisis AND contemporary court pronoucements and simply did it anyway.

    So why flinch at re-enslaving any Southern slaves captured (or who had fled North) with forced conscription into the Northern military?

    Lincoln was undoubtedly a great man, and just as undoubtedly framed the course of this nation in ways many today are completely unaware of. But celebrating his accomplishments without noting the manner of their achievement is unwise, IMO. One can admire, for example, the secondary byproduct of The Great Unitarian-Baptist Shootout (erroneously called “The Civil War” *heh*), the eventual abolishment of chattel slavery while noting the facts that the Constitution, once broken, would never have again the strength to withstand such attacks (see the successes of the ACLU and the absolutely horrific abortion of the commerce clause by power-hungry politicians, etc.)

    Just a thought. There is a LOT more to the Lincoln/War story than is taught in pubschools (or most colleges and universities, for that matter). Lincoln hagiography abounds (the Sandburg tripe is some of the worst *sigh* He shoulda stuck to poetry.), but the real stuff is available to anyone who’ll just hunt around.

  2. Joated says:

    Thank you so much for dumpster diving to find these quotes. At least MY brain cells will remain free of this crap. The Republicans will have a very tough time in 2008 (as they did in 2006) for one reason only. The Democrats and the left (but I repeat myself)have proven over and over again to be devoid of original thought or even common sense. That makes them very difficult to engage in debate. As the saying goes: It’s difficult to enter into a battle of wits when one party is unarmed.

  3. David, exactly! Hit the nail on the head.

    Joated, it is often very amusing to see what the leftards, well, can’t write think, maybe feel is better. And to be at the official Dem site is disturbing.

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