Daily Archives: January 18, 2007

A Little Reminder

Don't forget, this is how the Dems feel about our troops

Oh, No, Iraq Is All About The Oil

Well, not really, but, don't let the Left get ahold of the knowledge that there is actually an Oil Protection Force in Iraq Artillery Soldiers visited two oil-gas separation plants in Janbar Thursday to check the progress of the Oil Protection Forces guarding pipelines south of here. The OPF, funded by the Iraqi Ministry of […]

Global Warming Hysterics Love Freedom

Well, not really. The Weather Channel’s most prominent climatologist is advocating that broadcast meteorologists be stripped of their scientific certification if they express skepticism about predictions of manmade catastrophic global warming. This latest call to silence skeptics follows a year (2006) in which skeptics were compared to "Holocaust Deniers" and Nuremberg-style war crimes trials were […]

Snowy Thursday Linkfest: McCain Does Something Good!

And a happy Thursday to all! Down here in Raleigh, the drink of choice is something hot, since the global warming hysterics meteorologists got it a wee bit wrong. Went from being mostly sleet and rain in the Raleigh area, to waking up with snow on the ground and the potential for 2 inches or […]

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