Daily Archives: January 6, 2007

Democrats Break Yet Another Promise

Let me get this straight; they were sworn in officially as the Majority Party on January 4th, just 2 short days ago, and they have already broken promises to work in a bipartisan manner and not raise taxes, and now, this (from the Washington Times, h/t KGrendition) House Democrats campaigned on a promise to implement […]

Man, This Looks Good!!!!!

How about some barbecue? Tasty, eh? Do you dare preceed and read more?

Muslim Preacher Gunned Down

So much for religious tolerance by the "religion of piece" Assailants gunned down a Muslim preacher known for his anti-Hamas views on Friday, witnesses said, moments after he exited a mosque where he delivered a sermon criticizing the Islamic group's role in a wave of Palestinian violence. These are the same people who freak out […]

Plan To Send More Troops Blasted

Yes, that is what the headlines states. It is in regard to the letter that Pelosi and Reid sent to the President, without even know what the details of the revised Iraq plans are. I suppose the truth isn't in the details, but in the smear. What is disappointing is Republicans are not out their […]

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