Plan To Send More Troops Blasted

Yes, that is what the headlines states. It is in regard to the letter that Pelosi and Reid sent to the President, without even know what the details of the revised Iraq plans are. I suppose the truth isn't in the details, but in the smear.

What is disappointing is Republicans are not out their blasting that letter, or the legislation that Russ Feingold states he submitted, that calls for "phased redeployment," ie cut and run. Have they learned nothing from the Midterm losses? Will the Republicans fight back as the minority party, or will they just go along with the Democratic agenda?

Unlike the Democrats, the GOP doesn't have to make it up as they go along. The Dems have, are, and will give plenty of factual evidence to "blast." Granted, it is difficult to get their viewpoints into the left leaning media, but there are other outlets, such as the Right-O-Sphere, Newsmax, Townhall, Human Events, Washington Times, etc.

I have sent a very simple letter to the office of the GOP chairman:

Dear Sir

It is high time that the GOP starts speaking out and attacking the Democrats and their liberal agenda. We have listened to 6 years of Democrat "truthiness" and smears, wth nary a peep from the GOP, which led to low approval ratings, and the midterm loss.

America cannot afford the Democrats to stay in Congress as the majority party for more then two years. We do not need the tax increases, socialist and abortion on demand agenda, and retreat from the war on terrorism that accompanies the Democrats. Please do not try to just "get along." Stick it to them! Fight back for a change. Speak out.

Vocally backing the President might be helpful, too.

It makes sense to fight back, as the Dems are trying to insert themselves in all facets. Now they believe that it is in their scope of power to limit troop deployment

The Congress could possibly limit the number of U.S. troops in Iraq by forcing President George W. Bush to seek approval from lawmakers for additional deployments, a top Democratic senator said on Friday.

It would take 60 votes in the Senate to make this effective, meaning 9 Republicans would have to cross over. Anyone that does can kiss their reelection chances goodbye.

As a sidebar, notice that it is now "The Congress," where before it was "the Republican Congress" or the "Republican led Congress." No bias there, eh?

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  2. Angel says:

    ty for the link! :)..great read but at this point I expect this from our ahem ‘elected’ officials..sigh.

  3. Sheehahanoid Tracking- WWP Backing…

    Troop vilification efforts and withdrawal pressure sent via satellite throughout the insurgence of the Middle East?! A glance at the Marxist/Leninists backer- origins of Sheehanoid Anti-War. Thepiratescove posts……

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