Muslim Preacher Gunned Down

So much for religious tolerance by the "religion of piece"

Assailants gunned down a Muslim preacher known for his anti-Hamas views on Friday, witnesses said, moments after he exited a mosque where he delivered a sermon criticizing the Islamic group's role in a wave of Palestinian violence.

These are the same people who freak out about some cartoons and fake flushing of the Koran. Desecration of their religion by their own is A-OK, I suppose.

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4 Responses to “Muslim Preacher Gunned Down”

  1. Right Truth says:

    Universities, strongholds for terrorists…

    We will hunt down the terrorists wherever they are. Who said that and did they really mean it? President George W. Bush used those words, so did many other politicians on both sides of the isle, including John Kerry when…

  2. Layla says:

    Wow Chyrs isn’t that just so typical of the hypocritical nature these terrorists and many Muslims proclaim not to be? They refer to us as infidels yet in their own countries their palaces are lined with alcohol, the Islamofascists do not adhere to celibacy until married, but they won’t eat pork, they believe dogs are unclean so they will not have them as pets, and they will allow their family members killed in the name of their Jihad. Pathetic.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Layla says:

    Sorry Pirate–Just left Pettifogs blog–didn’t mean to call you Chrys! lol

  4. Ain’t not thing, I don’t mind.

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